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Lake Garda

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Riva Aquarama    

Nothing sails better, or is more beautiful then the mythic Riva Aquarama;
the classic Italian wooden speedboat from the 60ties and 70ties.


Riva Aquarama During this period the Riva boats became a true legend around the world, an object of desire and an expression of dreams. Nothing could live up to the outstanding quality, the style and the prestige of a Riva. And none of that has changed over the years. A Riva is still a true eye catcher and crowds of people gather around wherever a Riva moors.

There isnít a place where this mahogany and chrome jewel is more in its element then on the North-Italian Lago di Garda. Let yourself be taken along the variable banks of the lake and its picturesque villages, which breathe the air of days long past. Your captain knows the most beautiful parts of the lake, the nice villages to anchor by and the best restaurants for a delicious lunch or dinner. But you can also picnic on board. In that case we set course to San Vigillio where we will get our food at the victualler of Lake Garda.
Riva Aquarama Or what about sunbathing on the quarter-deck, a refreshing dive into the cool water or waterskiing and wakeboarding? Itís all possible, because this will be your special day!

A dream will come true. And, not to forget, of course you will take place behind the steering-wheel and the hand throttles and place yourself in line with the jet set of old days with world citizens like Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Dinode Laurentis, Richard Burton, Sean Connery, Peter Sellers, The Sjah of Persia, Prince Rainier of Monaco, King Hussein of Jordany, who all experienced this before you.