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Lake Garda

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Here you will find Lazise, a small but interesting old town, with a medieval circular wall with towers and a castle of the Scaligeri. In the northern part you will find Malcesine, one of the most beautiful towns and one of the most fascinating monuments at Lake Garda. The small harbour is the heart of this town. It is such an incredibly colourful town; it almost looks like a painting.

Monte Baldo is an elongated mountain ridge with tops as high as 2000 meters and it’s located not more then 5 km from the lakes eastern shore. Therefore, seen from the water, the Monte Baldo is very impressive and strongly determines the landscape of the Gardesana Orientale.


The western shore is the most picturesque part with towns like Barbarano, Gardone Riviere, Fasano and Gargnano with the stately Grand Hotels by which you can still notice the grandeur of old times. The landscape consists of steep rocks rising from the water.

The eastern shore is dominated from Garda to the north by the Monte Baldo. The southern part consists of low, shelving hills with agriculture, vineyards and orchards.

The Southern shore. The extended Lake Garda broadly ends in an
open landscape in the south, with a couple of shelving hills here and there.
Here, the tourist attractions are formed by Peschiera – where Lake Garda turns into the River Mincio – Sirmione- a small peninsula that reaches far into Lake Garda – and the lively and picturesque Desenzano.

Sirmione is a very enchanting, long and small peninsula which ends in the lake between Desenzano and Peschiera. The old city centre of Sirmione is hidden behind the stately entrance gate of the Scaligero castle. A reinforced fortress from the 13th century and a strategic operating base to maintain control over the lake.