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A lovely day, sailing a Riva Aquarama on the Italian Lake Garda. A wonderful experience you’ll never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will probably find the answers to your questions. But if not, please contact us using the form on the Contact page.

  1. We do have a boat license. Can the boat be rented without a skipper in that case?
    No, this is not possible at Riva Charter. All Riva Charter’ services are only available with experienced skipper.
  2. Can we be picked up and dropped off at the place where we stay?
    This is optionally and usually possible and otherwise certainly near where you are staying. See PACKAGES, Optional.
  3. Can the boat also be chartered by the hour?
    Our half-day rate is the minimum price, also applicable to shorter trips, due to the start-up costs such as boat launch, refueling, skipper availability, etc.
  4. Can we charter the boat as a taxi to sail to a restaurant in the evening?
    This is possible. You only need to take a car taxi for the way back. Let us know exactly what you want. Price on request.
  5. We are with a larger group, can we rent several Riva’s?
    Riva Charter has only one Riva available. We can, however, use other (exclusive) boats or split your group with the groups taking turns sailing.
  6. Can you sail in the evening during a charter?
    This is sometimes possible. Let us know what you have in mind. We try to meet your requests as much as possible. Price on request.
  7. Do we have to bring drinks ourselves?
    Guests can feel free to take food and drinks on board. Riva Charter provides a bottle of sparkling wine (Prosecco, Franciacorta / Champagne) and sufficient mineral water.
  8. What are the additional costs for fuel?
    This depends on the number of effective sailing hours. The fuel costs during a charter day usually vary from € 300 to € 450. At the end of your charter will be determined how much fuel has been used, which need to be paid in cash on the spot.
  9. We have (small) children. Can they come too?
    Sure this is possible. There are various children’s life jackets on board. An extra stop can always be made. For children we offer the possibility of a fun tube ride, for them a super fun experience! Swimming certificate and life jacket required.
  10. How do we reach the departure point: the Nautica Feltrinelli boatyard and are there parking options?
    The boat yard is easily found on the main street (SS45bis) of the west bank, between the fractions of Gargnano: Bogliaco and Villa. There is various parking space nearby. If you are staying on the east side of the lake, you can use the ferry between Torri del Benaco and Maderno or the ferry between Malcesine and Limone.
  11. Can the boat also be chartered at a location other than Lake Garda?
    In principle, we do not provide this, but exceptions confirm the rule. Ask about the possibilities. The costs are on request.
  12. Can the boat be chartered for a photoshoot?
    That is possible! Please contact us to discuss the options.
  13. Can the boat be chartered for a business / team event?
    This is also possible. Please contact us to discuss the options.